Wednesday, March 03, 2004


For Communities That Care

INTEGRITY WORKSHOPS focus on the seven identified areas of wellness and how they are used by media to promote the form of government known as "Democracy".

Learn the principles of each of the following identified areas of wellness and how they relate to one's personal integrity regarding:

VOCATIONAL - Meaningful Work in Today's Economy

SOCIAL - Relating To And Dealing Constructively With Others (Communication)

PHYSICAL - Attaining and Maintaining Optimal Health And Fitness

EMOTIONAL - Feelings and Coping Strategies That are Appropriate to Reality

INTELLECTUAL - An Increased Fund of Knowledge

MENTAL - An Ability to Solve Problems and Make Decisions With Integrity

SPIRITUAL - Self-Responsible Behaviors consistent with the Eternal Principles of "The Law" (i.e., Torah) as Promulgated by Its Creator

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