Saturday, February 05, 2011


Regarding Unz & Co.

Unz & Co. has been setting the standard for compliance products and services since 1879.   What is Unz & Company's relationship to the 28 USC 3002 (15) United States Corporation?  What is Unz & Company's relationship to the 28 USC 3002 (14) State?

Some key terms from the Unz & Co. glossary are:

Harmonized System - Schedule of tariff nomenclature arranged in 6 digit codes allowing all participating countries to classify traded goods on a common basis. Beyond the 6 digit level, countries are free to introduce national distinctions for tariff or statistical purposes. This system will replace the Tariff Schedule of the United States (TSUS). The Harmonized System was implemented by the United States and other major GATT countries after Jan, 1. 1988. Additional countries are expected to be implementing the system subsequent to that date.

HTSUSA - Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S. Annotated. The U.S. application of the Harmonized System for the classification of imported merchandise. The U.S. adheres to the international classification system to the six digit level and then adds four addition digits for rate of duty assignment and statistical purposes.

Marking (or marks) - Letters, numbers, and other symbols placed on cargo packages to facilitate identification.

Schedule B - Refers to Schedule B, Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States . All commodities exported from the United States must be assigned a ten-digit Schedule B number. Note: the first 6 digits of the Schedule B number are harmonized.

Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) - Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Department of the Treasury, implements and enforces financial and trade sanctions. FAC has the authority to include within the definition of the sanctioned government those individuals and entities that FAC has determined are owned by, controlled by, or acting directly or indirectly on behalf of the target government. Parties so identified are known as Specially Designated Nationals or SDNs. In practice, an SDN is a target government body, representative, intermediary, or front (whether overt or covert) that usually is located in a third country and functions as an extension of the sanctioned government. An SDN may also be a third-party company that otherwise becomes owned or controlled by the target government or that operates on its behalf. No criminal linkage is necessary. Ownership by, control by, acting on behalf of, or profiting from trade with the target government or country would suffice to qualify a person for designation.

Unz & Company's Mission Statement advises:

Our mission is to provide fully compliant, timely products and services to U.S. companies that are involved in international trade or the transportation of dangerous goods. We will be the most informed and informative company in our field, and make full compliance available to every company regardless of size, through training, systems, or forms.

Our value will be found in the knowledge that Unz & Co. will serve as your source for compliance expertise, allowing you to maintain your focus on your core business.

Therefore, given the above information, I ask:

What Form of Government has the United States?  And,

You decide.