Saturday, April 14, 2012

Self Evaluative Vocational Exercise

In times past, men and women arrived at their "vocations" through their "occupations". Today, men and women get their "careers" through their choice of "jobs". A job and an occupation are not the same. The former (a job) is typically done out of need; the latter (an occupation), because of desire.

A career is generally planned and pursued, not always out of desire but, because of circumstances outside one's control. A vocation, however, is (according to its 15th Century Latin definition) one's "call", or "name". To find out if you're on a career path that is consistent with your vocation, give honest, self-reflective responses to the following self evaluative Vocational Exercise.

Consider the following information about the work you've done.  Consider all your work; paid and volunteer, household chores, hobbies, etc.:
The title of the job
I did was:
My tasks and
duties were:

I liked:

I disliked
I learned the
about my “self”:
about others:

Last job:

Next job:

Next job:

Etc., etc.:

First job:

What did you learn about your “self”?  Fill in blanks 1 through 5; then insert the words corresponding to the numbers in the “objective” sentence at the bottom of the page.

1. I enjoy working with (people, concepts, data, things, etc.) ____________.

2. My interests are (realistic, investigative, artistic, social enterprising, conventional) ____________.

3. I want to be regarded by my employer as a (planner, influencer, coordinator, etc.) ____________.

5. My abilities are (list as many as apply; cognitive, physical, psychomotor, sensory) ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________, ____________.

6. My motivational payoff is (money, power, respect, prestige, impact, etc.) ____________.

My objective is to work with ______1 ______ where I am free to pursue my _____2_______  interests and operate as a _____3_______ in a _____4_______ capacity using my _____5_______, ______5______, and ______5______ abilities which leads to _____6_______.

How do I reach my goal now that I have an objective?

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