Monday, January 14, 2013

During "Reconstruction"; Which 13th Article of Amendment ceded our natural "state" into (28USC3002(15)) 14th Amendment citizenship?

Beginning at the 13 minute segment, President Obama answers Chuck Todd's question about the 14th Amendment by discussing the "debt ceiling", creditors being liable to their debtors, and Congress' power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.  The full transcript of this interview may be viewed at the New York Times website:  President Obama addresses the need to increase the debt limit and other issues during a news conference Monday at the White House. Publish Date January 14, 2013.  Watch in Times Video ยป

And; below are Amendments 1 through 13 (aka Articles I through XIII) as they were printed in 1853 and 1868.  Notice the wording of Article XIII (the 13th Amendment) as it was memorialized in the 1853 edition of The American's Own Book:
From the 1868 edition of The Voter's Text Book notice the change in the 13th Amendment (Article XIII)Be sure to read the foot note on page 40.
Did you read the foot note on page 40 of the 1868 edition of The Voter's Text Book
When was the 13th Amendment ratified? Does the 13th Amendment allow for 'voluntary servitude'?
Who has the Power to legislate "slavery" and enforce 'voluntary servitude' by coercion?  (See Section 2 of the 13th Amendment.)
How is it that Article XIII was "approved February 1, 1863" and not shown as "ratified by the constitutional number of States" by 1868 when The Voter's Text Book was published?