Wednesday, October 19, 2016


To Change a Populated System:

Understand - and acknowledge - that people within a system may be rigidly attached to a sub-system that has a different function than the larger system.
(Colonial background)

Strengthen its people’s ownership of their own natural resources both seen and unseen.
(Skills Building for Mediators - Asking Questions)

Develop practical “rituals” or “rites of passage” that encourage interdependence and interconnectedness within each of the systems’ sub-systems and, within the larger system.
(”The Ambulance Down in the Valley" - About Maintenance, Champerty and Schmooze)

De-triangulate from inorganic “fictional” entities that limit and (sometimes) prohibit the type of self-sufficiency that secures to yourself and your posterity the blessings of Liberty.
(Jurist Orientation - Undue Influence )

Identify exceptions and handle them with wisdom and compassion.
(Conflict Resolution: Strategies for Transition)

Recognize that maturation is a process wherein and whereby innate skills are developed and perfected.
(Twelve Steps to Spiritual Maturity and Recovery – Vocations)

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