Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1782 - An ACT to prevent the erecting any new state . . .

The General Assembly of Pennsylvania passed, in the seventh General Assembly - the first Session of which commenced October, 28th, and ended December 4th 1782. The second commenced January 15th, and ended March 22d, 1783. - And the third commenced August 14th, and ended September 26th, 1783. - Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, Speaker.

CHAPTER DCCCCLXXXIX (989) - An ACT to prevent the erecting any new and independent state within the limits of this commonwealth provides in part that "Persons erecting or attempting to erect any new government within this commonwealth declared guilty of high treason; or noticing the inhabitants to meet for that purpose; or advising the same at any meeting of the people. (See the constitution of the United States: Article 4, section 3.1 and Article 6, section 2.) Council enabled to call out the militia to supress offences against this act."

Also, below is a "Declaration of Intention" from 1899 and 1924.

Notice the wording?

Mathew Jankola's 1899 intent is for "citizenship" in the "United States", Drob's intent is for "citizenship" in the "United States of America".

Presumptions have been promulgated by judicial belligerents based on the principles set forth in TERRACE v. THOMPSON; a ruling that blatantly demands that a lawful freeholder, in these united states of America, who is subject to the Ten Commandments, submit a formally declared bona fide intention to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to the sovereignty to which he lately has been a subject, and to become a citizen of the United States. In Pennsylvania, parents unwittingly "SUBJECT" their children to debt servitude. Click HERE to see how.

Remember to click HERE to see how you may (unwittingly) be applying for debt servitude to a new and independent state. A United Nations' State within the limits of this commonwealth with complete representation! Bipartisan representation that (ironically) was elected by the people!