Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is it the fictional NGO "ACORN" or is it prominent legislative and judicial family members who influence a matrix of corruption in Pa government?

Here's another way of looking at Senator Casey's support of ACORN and his influence in the matrix of judicial corruption in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. (Updated 10/19/2009)

Click on to link to the August 21, 2008 Pa. Courts Pursuing Conciliation for Foreclosures post by Amaris Elliott-Engel at Pennsylvania Law Weekly to see how the legislative Casey and judicial Munley families continue to promulgate influence and legislation in order to adjudicate protections and defenses for owners of global banks and the controversial Non-Governmental Organization, ACORN.

In Lackawanna County, since - at least - the time Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, it seems to have been a common practice for these prominent families (i.e., the legislative Casey and the judicial Munley) to collude in seditious activities that broker the men and women of our nation into Thirteenth Amendment 're-constructed' statutory “servitude” to a corporate jurisdiction. Their backroom dealings have been without “full disclosure” of the adhesive and unconscionable natures of what I consider to be treasonous contracts that have allowed a statutory governance to be erected within the parameters of our intended form of government.

One example of how this contractual 'revenuing' (no pun intended) into a foreign corporate jurisdiction is being done, had been previously posted. In that example I ask: "BONDS": Are they UNCONSCIONABLE, IN VIOLATION of RICO STATUTES, or TREASON? and give an example of how we, American men and women who believe our selves to be free, have been "ceded" by legislative brokers into a type of corporate feudalism under what appears to be the same "Crown" business-as-usual enterprise system of governance that colonized the "new world" in the 17th Century on behalf of its investors.

So, again I bring your attention to Harrisburg Bureau Chief, Robert Swift’s December 3, 2008 article wherein he quotes Pennsylvania Majority Leader Todd Eachus, D-116 as saying; “Integrity is built in the DNA of the Casey family” and ask you, the reader to look past the wordsmiths’ rhetoric and decide for your self whether “integrity” can be for good or for evil.

Check out the facts and become an informed electorate.