Sunday, May 16, 2010

"TERRORISM": Who benefits?

How is it that employees of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue can make terroristic threats on their employers (i.e., Pennsylvania property owners) with impunity?

Have you ever thought about why dis-ease has become so prevelant in our united states?

Do you know how the FBI defines Organized Crime, Criminal Enterprise and Racketeering?

How do you respond to threats?

How do you suppose those who have been benefiting from your belief in their fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) tactics will respond when they realize that you know their name and where to find them?

What will be their individual and collective "defense mechanism"?

What will be yours?

1.  Biology. A physiological reaction of an organism used in self-protection, as against infection.

2.  Psychology. Any of various usually unconscious mental processes, including denial, projection, rationalization, and repression, that protect the ego from shame, anxiety, conflict, loss of self-esteem, or other unacceptable feelings or thoughts.

Do you believe "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's GOD" to which you're entitled by the "Declaration of Independence" are there for your benefit?

Do you feel good about your self?

Do you feel good about others?

Are you able - and willing - to meet the demands of life?

What will you choose to do? 

How will you choose to use the talent(s) with which you were endowed?

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