Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In 1932 school aged Americans learned about "The Magic Scrap of Paper" and their responsibilities as "stockholders" in what they perceived to be their lawful, constitutionally defined, Government. 
However, since 1932 much has changed.  "Lawful Money" is no longer lawful, and since 1994 the Social Security Administration has been operating as a wholly independent agency. 

So, what type of financial system had Democrat and Republican representatives during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration given the American people? 
A Ponzi system?
A Tontine system?
A system of lawful investments?

In the April 19, 1937 issue of The Scranton Times (archives, page 16) was the following article that explains the issuance of "bonds":

Washington, April 19 - Representative Lamneck (D Ohio) told the house today the federal reserve system is committing legally "the greatest burglary in history."

Critizing the system in the midst of a plea that the budget be balanced to avert "calamity," the Ohioan said that for a $300 investment a bank could get a $30,000 return."

If a burglar had a license to steal, he said, "he would at least have to carry away his loot. The federal reserve system has its loot brought to it."Lamneck said this was a procedure for a "steal" authorized by congress.
The treasury asks bids for several million dollars worth of bonds. A banker says he will take a million dollars worth and credits the treasury on his books with a million dollars.

Then he deposits the bonds with a federal reserve agent as collateral security for a million dollars in federal reserve notes and agrees to pay the cost of printing the currency - about $300.

He now has a million dollars in currency to balance the million dollar deposit he credited to the treasury.

He still owns the bonds and can collect the interest, about $20,000 a year on an investment of $300.

Further, in April 2009, speaking before the National Press Club in Washington D.C., here's what Dominique Strauss-Kahn said as he spoke on behalf of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  In his talk, Mr. Strauss-Kahn responded to questions from the audience.  Of particular interest to all Americans (in my opinion) is his offer, just past the 33 minute point of his talk, " . . . OF BONDS WHICH WILL BE BONDS IN THE IMF CURRENCY . . . .

If you take the time to watch Dominique Strauss-Kahn's entire 'question and answer' session (from about the 30 minute point on) you may begin to understand why, in 1782, under the Articles of Confederation, Pennsylvania legislators promulgated "an ACT to prevent the erecting any new and independent state within the limits of this commonwealth".

What do you think?

Has the United States been re-venued into 'the crown's' feudalistic system of governance by an oligarchy of plutocrats using Ponzi and Tontine investment schemes?

If it has, is this "Ok" with you?  Is this what you want for your descendents?

It's up to every American to decide on an honorable method of investing in the future of our nation and to make the necessary changes as they are willing and able.