Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Privatization" - Is knowledge increasing?

How do the investments of the 28 USC 3002(15) corporately structured Federal United States differ from those of earlier private investors? 

Who profits?

Connect the dots.

Compare Casey Dinges' business speak promotion of 28 USC 3002(15) Federal United States investments in wasted infrastructure with those in the clips of the documentary, "The Men Who Built America".  (The gist of what Dinges says may be gleaned from the 21 minute mark onward.)  

Ask: If per the Constitution of Pennsylvania, Article 1, Section 2; "All power is inherent in the people", by whose "authority" has governments been given the "power of suspending laws" (Section 12) pertaining to; fraud, lying, theft, murder, peonage, etc.?  Investors?