Friday, May 17, 2013

Redress Tips and Template

Integrity - Diagnosing Systems from Niki Hannevig

An narrated version of the above presentation (and others) may be accessed by logging into "Integrity Training" at Sherman Institute.

The redress template (below) has been designed to assist the user in thinking through problems they believe are best solved through local, State/Commonwealth and/or Federal government(s). 

By completing this REDRESS FORM prior to a one-on-one meeting with a Representative, Staffer, or in an assembly (where one may have to sign in to speak) the individual will be better prepared to speak to their issue and leave a hard copy of their concern(s). Additionally, by completing this template the individual is likely to be better prepared to consider the opinions of others who have, like them, objectively stated their concerns in terms of this nation’s founding documents and Scriptural principles, and, likewise, offered measurable solutions to those concerns.