Sunday, November 23, 2014

From a Constitutional Republic to an Oligarchical Dictatorship by Executive Orders and Amendments 11 to 27?

Have we, the people, allowed "reconstructed" Democrat and Republican "political bands" to re-"connect" us to the 'others' from whom "independence" was declared in 1776?

Have those "reconstructed" "political bands" dutifully followed the dictates of their "Lord" "Creators" (inclusive of Balfour and Rothschild) and incrementally ceded our nation's intended form of government into a "New Deal" Oligarchical Corporate Dictatorship by Executive Orders and Amendments?

Had Congress, totally seated with members of  "reconstructed" political bands, used the "power" delegated to them by we, an "enfranchised" people to ratify the 20th Amendment in order to execute a silent coup which allowed for an oligarchy of corporate plutocrats to be constitutionally seated?

Have 'Executive Orders become a lot rarer' because we, the people, have acquiesced to a condition of voluntary 13th and 14th Amendment debt-servitude (with which, incidentally, if we do not comply we may be duly convicted of a crime) to a corporate oligarchy that has a preference for a feudalistic, monarchical or dictatorial form of government?

If so, and you care, make it a smooth transition.

Only the people can save America.

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