Thursday, January 22, 2009

How important is an Oath of Office?

Judge Roberts took the time to administer to President Barak Obama a correct Oath of Office.

Why didn't Magistrate Judge Sean McGraw think it necessary to administer the correct Oath of Office to Fell Township Tax Collector June M. Borosky?

The correct oath can be located in the Constitution of Pennsylvania Article VI, Section 3.

And, this is the Oath of Office subscribed to by Lackawanna County Magistrate Judge, Sean McGraw and Fell Township Tax Collector, June Borosky on January 12th, 2006.

Are June Borosky and Sean McGraw willfully engaged in criminal activity on the part of an organized and extensive group of people?

Is it June Borosky's and Sean McGraw's purpose to 1: extort money or advantage by threat or force, and 2: carry out a pattern of illegal activity in furtherance of an enterprise which is owned or controlled by those engaged in such activity?